Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Printed Zine Shipping and Cds's Windows of Delivery!

Hello all just a quick update, so you know!

The printed zines do not ship from me, they are purchased through me and in return I order them directly from the publisher LULU, print on demand. There delivery window is between a 7-10 day delivery, sometimes 12 days, that is the window of delivery for their basic reasonable shipping option of $5.90, if you require instant delivery, contact me about their additinal shipping options, which start at $7.90 and up, the higher the shipping fee, the faster the delivery.

On International Orders please allow 3 week delivery times, sometimes LULU gets the international orders delivered in 2 weeks, but this is a safe window.

On CD's, they currently ship through me, until I re-format them to a print on demand style. I visit the post office 2 a week, if you need your cd within a 5 day window, again contact me, Otherwise please allow, 7days for delivery, as I experience a high volume of orders, I want everything to arrive safely and efficiently.

Again Please contact me with any questions.

Have a magical day!


redplaid3 said...

Do you still do faerie zine swaps? I'd like to be part of that.

I have swapped with you ( I think) at CPS on

lana said...

magic is everywhere i explore. philly, delaware,and nj are underated. it is a treasure trove of ideas here.

love your new listings. you have not let moss grow under your feet. love your cd,kit & embellishment ideas kit...

saturday in philly there is an italian day celebration that is very big.

hope you et al can make it. give me a hint one way or the other,okay.

sending multi-colored faeries dusts sprinkled over you, your mom and friends..

your starbuck friend.

Kathy said...

I'm so lost. I keep clicking and clicking and going from beautiful blog to beautiful blog but I can't find a way to order CDs or anything.
Can you help?

Kathy said...
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Anonymous said...

I have been trying to find ways of purchasing through you for this printed zine and would like some help or more info on how to go about this please. Thanks, Pink Fairy

Kathy said...

I also tried to get info on this zine several months ago. Maybe it doesn't exist anymore.
Does anyone know?

ScraPerfect said...

I don't have your email or I'd write directly...
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Wishing you a Magically Perfect Day!

Amy Roszak

ScraPerfect said...


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Wishing you a Magically Perfect Day!