Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Faerie ZIne Vol.2 Pre-Order Now!

Hello All,

Pre-Order your 2nd issue of: The Faerie Zine! 70pages filled with amazing artists, travel, Fantasy, Faerie, and more Faerie!

Hello all,Here it is, The New Faerie Zine, Volume 2, Here is a preview of the cover of the 2nd issue of the zine. This zine will be around around 70 pages long. It will include color pages and black/whites of good quality!
This issue will include:Houdinimania (Harry Houdini Info)The Magic SocietySpiritualism and Fairies-The Link!Goldilocks, The Full Story!Carmel, California-The Fairytale By The Sea!Artists Spotlights, Gallery, Showcases from altered art to primitve art to doll art, to pop art, digital art, etc.Julia Margaret CameronPandora's BoxMerlinAltered Art Projects ( Lanterns, Jar Fairies, Etc.)and Techniques.Recipes: Green Curry Chicken, Lemon Lavender Cupcakes, etc.The Legend Of The Fiji MermaidSide Shows and Carnival MagicShort Stories and Much, Much More!
Also The Faerie Zine Website is currently Under construction and should be done by the end of next week. When The Faerie Zine Website is complete, you will see previews into past, present and future zines, a gallery of contributing artists with works in the zine, ones soon to be in it and works that are so great I had to share. You will also find a submission info for contributing to future zines and the gallery section of the website, advertising details, previews, address book, along with techniques, hints/tips, The Faerie Zine Shoppe with a range of goodies to purchase from supplies to books, magazines, dolls, prints, journals, etc. Featured Artists, A Links Page, and Invites to The Faerie Zine: Yahoo Group, Flickr Group and Ebay Group. Our Ebay Acronym is EFFA! Type that in to see an array of gorgeous works from so many Talented Artists with works just waiting for you to discover and buy! You'll also find inspiration and most of all A Land Of Enchantment!
The Zine is offered in 3 forms: 1. CD $9.95 2. Full Black and White w/color cover $12.50 and 3.Color and Black/White Mix Version $19.95! Eventually the Zine will also be available as a limited Edition Full Color HardCover Book w/Special Edition Pages. The Zine will also convert to half color and half black/white paperback equaling 30 color and 30 black/white pages, when the new printing company is selected at the end of the year, this will be the same price as the original, but with more perks. When the zine goes commercial next year, it will turn into a full color magazine with a much lower price and available in book stores and specialty stores, along with the website.
So stay tuned and become apart of The Faerie Zine Family!
Hugs! Magic! Joy!