Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Printed Zine Shipping and Cds's Windows of Delivery!

Hello all just a quick update, so you know!

The printed zines do not ship from me, they are purchased through me and in return I order them directly from the publisher LULU, print on demand. There delivery window is between a 7-10 day delivery, sometimes 12 days, that is the window of delivery for their basic reasonable shipping option of $5.90, if you require instant delivery, contact me about their additinal shipping options, which start at $7.90 and up, the higher the shipping fee, the faster the delivery.

On International Orders please allow 3 week delivery times, sometimes LULU gets the international orders delivered in 2 weeks, but this is a safe window.

On CD's, they currently ship through me, until I re-format them to a print on demand style. I visit the post office 2 a week, if you need your cd within a 5 day window, again contact me, Otherwise please allow, 7days for delivery, as I experience a high volume of orders, I want everything to arrive safely and efficiently.

Again Please contact me with any questions.

Have a magical day!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Piddlestixs: Teatime, Tiara's and Vintage Whimsy, Vol.2, Winter 2009

Piddlestixs: Vol.2
Finally, the newest installment of Piddlestixs: Teatime, Tiara's and Vintage Whimsy, Vol.2, Winter 2009.

This new vol. is jammed packed with stuff, loads of guest artists and amazing collage sheets from two of your fave artists friends: Deborah Savage and Jo Oulette!

This edition includes:
-A Midsummer Tea Party
-A Lambertville Birthday Party
-The History of Glitter
-MaryAnn McKeatings: Itty Bitty Books and Club!
-Amanda Howards: Fairies and Art!
-The Enchantment of Kellie Reynolds aka Paper Cat Designs!
-Romantic Period Jewels from Aurora-Tique, including small project!
-LuLu Belles World of Dazzling Chic Jewels!
-Sandy Camarda's Doll-Land/Party!
-Silver Bella, My Artful Adventure, A must See Event!
-Charlotte's, Charlotte's and More Charlotte Dolls!
-Sweet and Scrumptious Vintage Recipes from Old Books
-Vintage Projects from the 1920's
(Dolls, Doilies, and more)
-Vintage Apron Project!
-and much more!

Now available in print form or cd form!
Piddlestixs 2 Preview 2! Small preview of some of the pages inside this vol.2

Piddlestix's:Teatime Tiaras and Vintage Whimsy! Vol.1

Piddlestixs:Teatime Tiaras and Vintage Whimsy!
Piddlestix's:Teatime Tiaras and Vintage Whimsy!

Hello all,
Here is the cover of the new zine, dedicated to vintage splendor, Marie Antoinette, dolls, tea, Tea parties, tiaras and crowns, vintage recipes, doll patterns, paper dolls, vintage books and book reviews, vintage projects, artful projects, tinsel, home decor, millinery, vintage art, stories, articles, victorian era, victorian places today, seaside glam, roaring twenties and flapper, edwardian, regency time periods, travel, luxury, royalty and more!
What to expect in this issue:
-Full Color Pages
-Book Quality
-Marie Antoinette: projects, and more

-Marie Antoinette-book collaboration:
-AnnDenise Anderson (whim & Fancy)
-Sandy Cammarada (Sandbeech)
-MaryAnn McKeating(Follow Your Bliss)
-Gina Smith
-Lisa Kettell

-Marie Antoinette Movie Review by Gina Smith.
-Happy Accident Projects by Gina Smith
-History of Tiara's
-Crown art by:
Holly Doodle Designs
Little Pink Studios-Cerri Campbell
Susie Scotts Bunny Swap Crown
Lisa Kettell's Crowns and more
-Fairytale Box Assemblage Class Highlights
-Rima St.John's Marie Book
-Blythe and Marie Style
-Cerri Campbells Secret Doll World
-A Doll Wonderland and Doll art from Sandy Cammarada-Sandbeech
FrstyFrlk-Cyndi Neuman
Lily's of London-Gina Smith
-Follow Your Bliss to MaryAnn's World of Vintage Splendor
-The Grasshopper Circus
-The Victorian Obsession with Insects and art: butterfly ball and tea parties
-Loraine and the Little People, Vintage Book review
-Collage Sheet: Kate Greenway's Tea Party Paper Dolls Sheet courtesy of Cyndi
-Vintage Recipes straight from an old book.
-Lots, Lots, More!
All are encouraged to submit works, recipes, stories, tea party images, home decor and inspiration, doll and doll images, blythe, china, etc, marie artworks, vintage jewelry, fabrics, collage sheets, etc. contact me if you want to submit works!

Magic and Joy! Lisa!

For more previews and to read about the zine visit my blog or website!

piddlestix preview, Zine now on Sale! Small preview of some of the pages in this vol.1

Faerie Zine Vol. 2

The Faerie Zine Vol. 2 New Cover!

Here is the revamped cover of Faerie Zine Vol. 2

Hello all,Here it is, The New Faerie Zine, Volume 2, Here is a preview of the cover of the 2nd issue of the zine.
-Spiritualism and Fairies
-Julia Margaret Cameron
-Art and Whimsy from Fairyland
-Projects: Lanterns, Jar Fairies,Altered Art Fairies Etc.)and Techniques.
-Recipes: Green Curry Chicken, Lemon Lavender Cupcakes, etc.
-The Legend Of The Fiji
-Artists: Patricia Anders, Susan Mitchell, Laurie Duncan and Lori Karla, The Polka Dot Pixie, Tara Ross and more!