Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Piddlestixs: Teatime, Tiara's and Vintage Whimsy, Vol.2, Winter 2009

Piddlestixs: Vol.2
Finally, the newest installment of Piddlestixs: Teatime, Tiara's and Vintage Whimsy, Vol.2, Winter 2009.

This new vol. is jammed packed with stuff, loads of guest artists and amazing collage sheets from two of your fave artists friends: Deborah Savage and Jo Oulette!

This edition includes:
-A Midsummer Tea Party
-A Lambertville Birthday Party
-The History of Glitter
-MaryAnn McKeatings: Itty Bitty Books and Club!
-Amanda Howards: Fairies and Art!
-The Enchantment of Kellie Reynolds aka Paper Cat Designs!
-Romantic Period Jewels from Aurora-Tique, including small project!
-LuLu Belles World of Dazzling Chic Jewels!
-Sandy Camarda's Doll-Land/Party!
-Silver Bella, My Artful Adventure, A must See Event!
-Charlotte's, Charlotte's and More Charlotte Dolls!
-Sweet and Scrumptious Vintage Recipes from Old Books
-Vintage Projects from the 1920's
(Dolls, Doilies, and more)
-Vintage Apron Project!
-and much more!

Now available in print form or cd form!
Piddlestixs 2 Preview 2! Small preview of some of the pages inside this vol.2

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Pearl Maple said...

So many fun themes and images, looks very tempting.