Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The Faerie Zine, Issue 3, Now available!

Hello All,
Here it is, The Faerie Zine, Vol. 3
It is filled with so much magical and mysterious eye candy.
Plus more color and surprises.

Some Projects:
-Magic Hat Art project: Make your own magical wizard or witch hat.
-Magical Tussie Mussies
-How to make paper pinwheels for your art projects
-Pumpkin carving 101
-Color dyed fabric flower wands

Little Pink Studio's: Cerri Campbell
shares her Glamour Sweet Magical Hats.
The Magical Art of Alejandra Pliego aka Lily Cherry.
Cookala's House of Cards
Greenbeanbaby's Ellia Hill
Artifact and Whimsy's: dawn Lippincott

Stories of Magic and Mystery:
A glimpse into: A Summer in Pixie Isle
Lucy's Ghostly Visions
A Safari of Magic, Part One
Sophie Dandridge
The Legend of Miss Potter, Revealed!

The Magical Moon Phases, How the moon can work for you!
The Days of Elements (Elemental Days)
Stonehenge, The Magic Lies Within
The History of The Witches Hat
Salem, MA, Witchcraft, Mystery, Magic
The Tradition of Pumpkins, a difference from England and The U.S.
An Australian Halloween
The History behind The Coffee Cafe in Europe to here.
A Venetian Masquerade
Witches Tea

The Faerie Language Part 3
Pixie Boutique-Third Installment
Recipe Corner: Toffee Pumpkin Pie and Pumpkin Cookies with Lemon Icing.

and Much More!

Now accepting pre-orders the shipment with my loyal printing group from issue 1, is doing the printing as we speak, They will have the shipment to me on wed-next week. Then I will be doing the binding on thursday and friday. Shipments will go out on that following monday.
I was a little late getting this to print due to a variety of new works, an upcoming book and moving.

Only 100 copies were ordered this time around. The next order date for a new shipment is in a month.
So I am now accepting pre-order reservations, to hold spots.
If you were in the zine, a free cd will be sent to you. But feel free to get a hardcopy, just let me know!

You may purchase here, on ebay or at my website located to the right of the blog page!

Magic and Joy!

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