Thursday, August 23, 2007

This Week Sun. Aug 19, 2007 in The Faerie Zine Flickr Group Top 16 artist of the week:

This Week Sun. Aug 19, 2007 Top 16 artist of the week:Since these artists voted first for the artist mosaic, I thought I would thank them by making each of them the artist of the week! Thank You! Lisa!1.The Alchemist in Silver Spring 2. Tinis-Arts 3. latarnia_morska 4.Vivianneroni 5.annieoakley 6.enamor_etsy 7.LilyCherry 8.Amaryllisroze 9. CoffeeLatte10.CrazyFish_666 11. Tempoandato 12. Mageenta 13.Sooticasdream 14.emily999 15.Stars*Go*Blue 16. Little Pink Studio


Nancy Maxwell James said...

these are all so beautiful!

cookievf said...

Such a great idea to vote for the artists who participated in your "poll!" And what a FUN way to learn about new artists in our group! Thank you Lisa!! - vicki xo

TiffanyJane said...

LOVELY work everyone!!!!! So cool!!